Friday, August 3, 2012

Back in the Swing of Things

The past few days seemed longer than usual, but the boxes have arrived from Hobby Builders Supply and Christmas in Prescott. I'm please with the HBS order. The ecru ceiling paper is almost like a thin cardstock, will cover the bumpy walls very nicely and the pressed tin ceiling will be perfect. The ornament twirlers were a bit of a disappointment as they turn too slowly for an effective fan look, at least in my opinion. A friend told me that Radio Shack has small two-speed 12v motors; another possibility.

I am particularly pleased to welcome Dot to the quilt shop. She is a very nicely detailed resin doll who looks as if she can sit at a sewing machine for hours and hours without complaint. Notice her necklace and watch, the fine drapes and folds in her clothing, and her lovely complexion. Very nicely done for resin.

She sits at the sewing machine as if made for it. Wish she had a bit more room back there, but I'm sure she'll manage.

While waiting for the packages to arrive, I worked on the stairs and railing. The new stairs are half the width of the old ones. They are not yet glued together in this picture, which is why they look a bit wonky. Also painted the baseboard and ceiling moldings. The baseboard fourth from left, the darker one, is how they will look when given a coat of satin finish polyacrylic. Makes a nice finish. I thought about painting the ballusters and rail before assembly but decided it would be easier to paint it as a unit.

Now that I look at Dot cramped in the corner, I'm tempted to add a bit to the upper level to move the railing forward a half inch or so.


  1. I think Dot will be just fine. Maybe she likes cozy spaces. If I were back there sewing, I'd utilize that close railing for holding materials. :D

  2. Me, too. Plan to drape quilts over railing but not sure how much will show above fabric bolt shelves. I see a lot of staging in the near future!