Thursday, July 28, 2016

Recycling in Miniature

Last Monday, when we met for lunch, friend Holly from the Greenleaf Dollhouse forum gave me some of those wooden punch-out kits that make up into tiny houses of some indiscriminate scale. While I watched TV last night, I put together two of them. They're just snapped together; no glue involved. Not sure what I might do with them.

I must admit, I was more interested in the scraps left over from the two kits. Such interesting patterns! Each sheet is 7.5" x 9".

They are destined for a construction! I used the punched-out sheets from a wooden dragon to make this piece a few years ago. It's difficult to see in this picture, but the layers have spacers between, which gives them nice depth. (Click the photos for a better look.)

At the same lunch, friend Chris presented us with some beautiful cast-plaster fireplaces. One of them is demanding to be installed in the long-stalled Beacon Hill. I guess I'd better get back on it!