Friday, August 17, 2012

A Mini Household Hint

No pictures today. I added the channel that will hold the Plexiglas on the front of the quilt shop room box. Not terribly photogenic. I stained the channels with the Minwax Early American to tie in with the floor. When I went to the sink to clean the brush, I totally forgot it was not a water based stain. What a mess when the water hit the brush.

I was near the laundry supplies, and a light bulb went on. I grabbed the Shout and gave the brush a few squirts. I figure if it dissolves spots of various natures, why not?

It worked! The Shout cut through the petroleum base, and that plus my favorite Lava soap got that brush as clean as nearly new with about three soapings.

So then I grabbed a brush that had been used for latex and accidentally left out to dry. It worked almost as well. Much of the paint came out with a little gentle massaging with my thumb, working in the soap and Shout. A few bristles were still stuck together, so I put some Shout in a small container and left the brush to soak in it overnight. I'm expecting come morning it will be easily cleaned.


  1. Kathie, thanks for the tip for stain! I use alcohol for brushes. I have even revived brushes that were thoroughly dry and thick with paint in a matter of minutes. I have some brushes that are over twenty years old. It works every time!

  2. I've used your alcohol tip in the past, Casey, and it does work well. Didn't have any close at hand this time, so tried Plan B. :)