Sunday, August 5, 2012


The back and right side walls are papered with the ecru ceiling paper. I like the way it looks. I'm using rubber cement dry mount technique. Spread the cement on the paper and the wall, let dry, then press in place. It can be peeled back and reseated if not right the first time and pulled away even months later if necessary.

The first photo shows the box on its side. The part of the wall nearest the front has been glued into place with Aileen's Tacky Glue, forever sealing the access door on that side. It's weighted down to prevent it pulling away from the box as it dries. Notice all of the clamps in front? They are holding a quarter inch piece of wall in place. Even the best of measurements . . . Oh, well, the wallpaper will cover it up.

Here are the back and right side walls papered. I also papered the low wall below the upper level, although most of it will be hidden. It's nice to be able to flip the box on its side or upside down to work on it.

All three sections of the right wall are one piece of paper. The only seam is the corner with the back wall. I wrapped a quarter inch of paper from the back wall around the corner and covered it with the side wall paper for a nice, clean finish.

I'll have to do some planning before sticking things on the walls. I have a feeling tacky wax or poster putty or whatever I use will leave a mark on this pristine paper.

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