Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ceiling Repainted & Some Lights Installed

I like the new ceiling color much better than that ugly, dirty gray. The photo distorts the color a bit. The walls are really a slightly deeper hue and the ceiling a little lighter. It's a nice, clean look.

In the photo above, you can see that the back light beam has been installed. It is glued to the brackets, but nowhere else. I think if the worst happens and the beam needs to be removed, a gentle wiggle of an eXacto knife will pop it loose from the bracket.

In the next photo, you can see the front light beam, mounted in the same way. Compare the clean look with the beam and spotlights in the photo of Marie Laveau's house at the top of the blog. When we get back to New Orleans, I believe Marie will be in for a wiring update.

I drilled holes in the ceiling and poked the wires up.* The socket strip and other electrical elements will hide under this lid. The extension cord will poke through the notch on the back side of the lid, so all that will show will be the cord.

There is one more electrical element to be installed inside, the floor lamp. Can't really do that until the floor is installed. A couple sections of daylight LEDs will be installed between the back (window) wall and the outside of the box. The lighting will be simple, but I think effective.

*There's a story about the wiring. I drilled the hole close to the back beam, so it would be hidden from view. Problem was, I couldn't see it to thread the wire through, and it is so tight that I couldn't get my head in far enough to be helpful. Thought about using a mirror, but there wasn't one handy. I switched my cell phone to camera mode and held it over the hole while threading the wire through with the other hand. I could hardly stand being in the same room with such a clever person!

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