Monday, July 30, 2012

Quilt Shop Roombox Progress without Pictures

I know, no fun not to have photos, but there were no Kodak moments today. Click on the underlined links below if you really need a photo fix.

Do you call how I said the double muslin on the walls was perfect? Well, it isn't. Found bubbling. Broke down and ordered some ecru ceiling paper from Hobby Builders Supply. It is big enough to stretch the full 12" height of the room and thick enough to cover wiring (so the catalog says), so it ought to smooth out the rough spots in the remodeled walls.

While I was at it, I ordered some embossed ceiling panels. Strangely, the catalog does not indicate whether they are plastic or paper, but either one will work. I'm guessing plastic from the photo. I think a nice pressed tin ceiling will be nice in the quilt shop.

Lastly, I checked out HBS's resin dolls and found Dot, who asked to come work the sewing machine. All of this came with a 20% discount. It was almost painless to press the order button.

While I was in a shopping mood, I looked again at the miniature working ceiling fans at Creative Reproductions 2Scale website. They're gorgeous, but way out of the budget for this project. Casey of  Casey's Minis blog suggested looking at holiday ornament spinners. Christmas in Prescott had a nice selection. I ordered two of them. One is battery operated and the other an electrical spinner motor. The electrical one plugs into a string of Christmas lights. Not sure how that can be used with 12v system, but it's worth a shot.

While I'm waiting for all of the above, I'll be busy. Dug into my stash last night and found taller ballusters and new handrails, so the railing will be a bit larger than the original, which was lovely for a more delicate setting but really doesn't work in a commercial establishement. Also found Houseworks wood flooring and enough ceiling molding and baseboards, which need to be painted. (Note to self: See, I knew ordering extras was a good idea!)

Will also be building a new set of steps. Tried to saw the originals in half. Didn't work well. They are solid wood and the little handsaw got a case of the wobbles.

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