Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Ceiling is Up

Finished the lights, put up the ceiling, and added the crown molding. Whatta day!

Here's a close-up of the lights. I separated the sections and connected with extra wire. To run lights all the way across would have made it as bright as an operating room. There are four sections across the front and three behind the back beam. I did aim them downward a bit. They are more effective that way. I am going to make the beams removable. Need to find or make a couple of nice brackets for them to rest on.

The ceiling is in and the crown molding is glued. The gaps front and back are for the light beams. So much easier to do this with the box upside down.

I guesstimated the amount of crown molding needed. Just had to show you how close it was. Good thing I didn't mess up any of the angles!

Tomorrow the window trim goes in and I get to play with staging to determine placement of the stairs & railing.

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