Monday, August 13, 2012

Setting the Stage

The floors went in this morning. In order to determine where the stairs and railing should go, it was necessary to put the furnishings back in. I had a grand time moving everything around and settled on what you see here. I was a little concerned about the tall fabric bolt shelves, as they block the work area, but I think when the work light is on, that area will be visible enough.

There is enough room between the counter/shelf at the front and the stairs/short bolt shelves for a small display table as might be found in many quilt shops. I hadn't planned to make any new stuff for this, but something with a seasonal display, maybe?

With the tall shelf angled, it's possible to see that there are fabric bolts on both sides. You can't really tell from the photo, but the shelf of quilts on the upper level has triangular side pieces. I cut off the back angles. It now sits snugly against the window wall. I wasn't happy with it blocking the way, but now it's okay. And since it's way back there, it won't be as easy for the viewer to see that all of the quilts are fakes, made from folds of fabric printed with quilt patterns.

Look at all of the nice wall space for display. Deciding what to hang will be a fun challenge.

This photo isn't taken at a severe enough angle to see that the shelves behind the cutting counter are empty, but a person looking at the box will be able to tell. I see some tiny scraps of stuff in my future as those shelves get stocked and/or stuffed. :)

Now that I know where the furnishings will go, I can install the steps and railing and the work light.

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