Saturday, November 17, 2018

Electrical Wiring Scheme

Once I had all of the bits necessary for a successful installation of the tape wire system, it was time to stage the furniture to determine once and for all the placement of the tape runs.

Before laying out the tape runs, the dilemma of how to hide the connector had to be solved. I think a bit of garden wall will do the trick.The red sketch is approximate. The final design yet to be determined.
The white donuts mark where lights will be attached to the tape wire. When on the floor, it indicates a ceiling light below.


Middle Floor Hallway

Maid's Room and Top Floor Hallway -- the bed was being auditioned. It is too large, will be replaced by a cot.

Living Room -- rug will probably not remain in here

Ground Floor Entry Hall

Dining Room
Next step: replacing the blue tape with tape wire.