Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Little Shopping Spree

A miniature buddy came to visit last week, so a trip to Miniature Designs in Lawrenceville, Georgia, was high on the places-to-go list. Even better, a friend from the Greenleaf Dollhouse Forum was able to meet us there. I found goodies for the Beacon Hill and the Pierce, and even something for the White Orchid Christmas House.

The shrubbery in this photo will be used for a different project. I've moved into a new house, and the backyard needs to be redone from its current state. I'm going to make a model so the landscaper knows exactly what I have in mind. I have some other bits and pieces on hand. Will snip apart the forsythia to make some smaller bushes.

The following items are for the Beacon Hill. The lyre table was on sale. So was the lamp. It lights up beautifully. The cranberry glass charger on the table reminds me of fine Bohemian glass. The brush and comb are from an estate sale. The brush has real bristles. I was told they are horsehair, but I think they are fare too fine for anything found on a horse. The mirror has real glass, not just painted silver. The little jewelry box opens.

This little tin is about the size of a dime. It's going into the Christmas house, naturally.

The eyebrow windows and the pheasant are destined for the Pierce/Bohemian Inn. While growing up, we had a stuffed pheasant that my father had shot back in the day. While in the Czech Republic (now Czechia) a few years ago, I saw a pair of pheasants meander their way across the hillside behind our hotel. I'm not sure if the pheasant will be inside the building (presumably stuffed) or outside in the garden.

I've not worked on minis for a while. This trip has prompted me to get back at it! Heading in to the craft room in a few minutes to get organized! Miniature Designs keeps a wide variety of wallpapers. If I could remember what furnishings I have for the Beacon Hill, I could have bought wallpaper and ceiling paper and maybe some plaster ceiling rosettes. Will have to plan another trip soon!

The drive to Lawrenceville on three sections of interstate prompted me to find our way home on surface roads; it was a half hour longer but far less stressful. Later in the day I signed up for an Uber account!