Monday, August 6, 2012

More Wallpaper

Today I hit Radio Shack for a 12v motor for the ceiling fan. Unfortunately, the one clerk knew nothing about electricity, so it was truly the blind leading the blind -- and I was the one leading! I bought a motor and a battery pack to run it. I runs very well, at 8700 rpms. At that speed the fan would become a helicopter and take off with the whole roombox! My friend who suggested the motor says he'll help me rig a dimmer switch sort of something that will let me regulate the fan.

Next stop was Menards, where I bought some pine molding for a frame for the front. Eight feet for $2.47 -- much better than picture framing, and once it's painted, you'll never know the difference.

I also bought four 1:1 wooden post toppers that I thought could be used for feet. I'm thinking something like bun feet to raise it up a bit so it won't look as if it's being squashed by its "attic" piece. The proportion isn't quite right, though, so I'll return them and keep looking.

Back home, I went to work on the wallpaper. Remember how I told you it's easy to remove the paper when using rubber cement? Yup. I papered the section with the door, leaving a quarter inch to run around the corner to the narrow jog section. After I'd slid the door section in place, it became obvious that a much better plan would be to wrap that piece of paper clear around over the jog part and onto the main part of the wall. Done. This photo shows the flap hanging in space. I was careful not to put glue on the access door as it will be useful when installing the "outdoor" lights.

Here the walls are in place and drying. The  edges of the jog section are glued to the door and wall sections but not to the outer box. This seems to be a sturdy enough arrangement. The last piece of wallpaper is cut and ready to glue in tomorrow, when I'm sure the glue is dry.

Next step (I think) will be putting in the ceiling.

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