Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Beacon Hill Staircase Makeover [Step 3~Staining]

Back to work on the Beacon Hill! It was too wet to work in the garden today, so the banisters and newel posts got stained.

I stained the ends of the banisters and newel posts and set them out to dry while I stained the handrails. They need to be stained before being glued in place, as the stain won't stick to glue. Staining them first means no little white spots. The staircase will receive a coat or two of clear satin poly after it is assembled and ready to install.
I used the stain pen. It was low on stain, so I tried to refill it with a small hypodermic needle without an actual needle. It didn't work very well, hence the two big blobs of stain. I ended up touching the tip of the felt to the surface of the stain in the can. It drew up enough liquid to cover one piece. The photos of the white staircase is my inspiration for this remodel.
The staircase has a void where the original banisters were cut off of the outer piece. I've ordered some 1/8" quarter round to fill in the gap. It will make a much neater finish. 
I'm working on the section of staircase from the middle floor as it is a straight run. While I'm waiting for the quarter round to arrive, I need to cut the original banisters away from the ground floor staircase with its two landings. I'm still determined to build the staircases individually so they can be removed easily.