Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Making Progress

Well, this morning I got right to work. The new pillows for the hammocks turned out much more to my liking, and the old pillows moved to the sitting area furniture, so they're not a total loss. I like it when things work out.

Here's the upholstery in progress. It was purely a cut and paste operation.

The final product isn't really final. I think there needs to be a bit of trim at the base, but for now I'm considering it finished. The pillows worked well with the cloth, which I found in my stash. No need to hit the fabric store today. I just noticed the threads in the photo ... they're loose. The upholstery isn't falling apart!

And here's the workbench. I don't like that it's blocking a window, but I don't know where else to put it. I could sort of wall off that part of the room by putting it perpendicular to the wall, but then it would be harder to see all of the little items on the bench. Do you see the chair on the bench? I just happened to have two of them in my stash. And note the stepstools for access to the workbench. I think the elves will need something a little less prone to an OSHA crackdown before we get much further along with this project.


  1. The new pillows do fit better with the hammocks. The upholstery looks great too! Will you be making sturdier steps for the elves to reach the workbench?

  2. I kind of like the serendipity of the stacked stepstools. I'm going to paint them and glue them together, but I think I'll leave them stacked that way. It seems the elvish thing to do.

  3. This house is so cute! I am so glad you posted pictures of your furniture! I am just starting to learn to make my own furniture and I wanted to make a chair for a new house and had no idea where to even start! Looking at your pictures helps so much! I love the stacked stepstool look too- I think if they were attached to each other OSHA couldn't complain.