Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mining for Magic

Not exactly mining, but this evening I started looking through all of the little boxes of accessories that have accumulated in the past several years. I was looking for lantern tops for the two "oil" lamps upstairs. I found them and a lot of other little goodies that I thought would look good in the mushroom.

This picture shows a wall hanging I made from a printie on cloth. I think it was for a swap, as I found several in various states of construction. Also found some candy, a little plastic rocker so the little elf can rest while the cookies bake, and stuff to put into the cooking area. I think I'll paint the rocker but will save the paper design on it.

[By the way, you do know that if you click on a picture a larger version will appear, don't you? If you do a left click, use the Back button to get back to the blog. If you do a right click, you can open it in a separate window.]

The counter looks awfully clean considering the amount of dirty dishes in the sink, but I'm pretty sure this area isn't finished. It needs some dish towels and a bucket of water for the dry sink at the very least.

For the upstairs, I found a little ship and a sewing machine. One of the elves builds miniature ships as a hobby in the down season. I gave the seamstress a basket for her materials, but I may build her a little bench with drawers or a lift-up top instead. The railing on the stair rail is a little wonky, but I'm not overly concerned. I think that eventually it will be covered by something over the railing, like a drape or throw or a garland.

Here's the sideboard with the new lanterns that I finally found. They are some kind of little bottle. I bought them at Through the Keyhole in Dallas a few years ago with no idea how I'd use them. They came with two or three teensy little seashells. I tested the lights in them and decided they are keepers. The gingerbread house is made from Fimo, glitter, puff paint, and a couple of little gems. It was made for a swap in 2006. I'm not sure if the baskets will stay there. They're being auditioned for color and texture.

Last, but not least, here is the divider wall. I glued a couple of little wooden deer blanks on the shelf and put a scrapbooking sticker wreath at the top. In the corner of the photo you can see a bit of a Christmas tree on a table, part of a 1/2" swap. It has a little card and some packages with it. I'm not sure it will stay. I'm wondering if the elves would go all out for Christmas decorations or would they be so tired of Christmas cheer after making all of those toys that they'd downplay it.


  1. I really like the deer over the door. They look more rustic than Christmasy, which fits in well with the sofa and cushions. I do think the elves might get a bit tired of Christmas 24/7.

    I oil lamps look fantastic! And the wall hanging looks great too. The red basket next to the sideboard is quite eye-catching. Have you decided to leave it in place?

  2. Hi Kat,

    I agree with you about not wanting to do Christmas 23/7, which is why I'm leaning more toward rustic than holiday. I'm not sure whether the gingerbread house will stay.

    The wall hanging needs to have some kind of hardware (it's stuck up there with tape). Not sure about the red basket. If something else turns up, it may get replaced. That's an awkward place to put something.

  3. This is Kathie ... dunno why my response to MiniKat was posted as anonymous. It's 2:44 am, and I'm awake because a small chihuahua doesn't like to be alone during thunderstorms. I'm not thinking too clearly!