Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Getting a Hold on Things

Never let it be said that a miniaturist has enough clamps. I collect them wherever I see them. I have a whole bag of them, including some wooden clothespins that make nice, gentle clamps. These are some of my favorites. I think they came from the $1 bin at the hardware store. I like their thin little noses. Great for clamping in tiny spaces, like holding a veneer door while the glue dries.
This is the only how-to photo for the dry sink. I was working out of my head again and got so caught up in the moment that it was nearly finished before I thought to pick up the camera. It's just a little box with trim. The box itself is basswood, the trim is balsa. The mix didn't matter because I knew it would be painted. The big question with this item is: where will it go?

Here's the elf with the finished sink. I had some fun aging it. The inside of the sink part has a piece of aluminum foil glued to the bottom (dull side up) and the sides of the metal pan are silver acrylic paint. I couldn't fold the foil neatly enough to form the sides. Don't you love it when a good work-around steps up? The hinges are parts of a jewelry finding. The little dragonfly doorknob is a bead.

This is where I thought the sink should go. But the backsplash hides what will become a sink full of dirty dishes, and the stove is a bit overpowered. What fun is there in that?

The next choice is beside the settee. It's easier to see, but it looks a bit strange to me.

Third choice might be by the front door. I could cut off the bottom of the Christmas tree so it will be closer to the wall, and it's handier to the counter, but still I'm lukewarm about putting it here.

I thought of one thing that might help me be happier with putting it by the stairs. The stove can be raised up on a platform. It gives the stove more oomph and will be easier on the elf's back. It's a bit low, even for her.

Well, what do you think?

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  1. I like the stove raised, no matter where the sink is. It does give it more oomph.

    Can the tree by the door be moved or even raised up? The sink would look good there.