Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Settling down ... sort of

I got a bit distracted today. I was going to head right downstairs and make the settee and dry sink, but on my way past the bedroom I reached in and pulled a bit of the old vinyl wallpaper away from the wall. It came very easily. Before I knew it, I was having a good old time peeling away the vinyl. It was sort of like peeling skin after a sunburn: the trick was to see how large a piece would come off before tearing. I got a couple of good ones -- nearly half of a strip in one piece! And yes, we have new wallpaper to put up. It's been sitting here for the longest. Tomorrow I can start wetting down the paper backing and scraping it down to plaster. I don't think that will be as much fun, but now that the project has begun, I'm committed.

 
So I didn't get downstairs until late afternoon, but I did manage to make a settee, age the worktable a bit, and put a couple coats of matte finish Modge Podge on the stained items. I like the silky smooth look of the MP. It gives it a sort of aged patina, like eons of waxing the furniture. All you can see in this photo is the back of the settee. It faces the front door.

This is how the settee began. I found a sketch of one I liked on the Internet and then made a pattern freehand. I had some old pieces of 1/4"=scored basswood flooring that I used. It was a bit warped, but gluing and clamping flattened it enough to be usable.

Here it is waiting for the glue to dry. This particular elf seemed interested, but the way he gazes at the little gingerbread man in his hand makes me wonder how much he really sees.

Next step, gesso.

Here it is finished. I used a couple coats of acrylics of various shades, mostly watered down to a stain. The cushion is a piece of foamcore board with one of the cardboard sides sliced off wrapped in cloth. Aileen's Tacky Glue holds it just fine.

This is the view of the settee through the front door. Sorry it's so dark. The lights weren't on. It will have a throw of some kind and probably some toys or presents on or beside it.

I know what the dry sink will look like now. That's the project for tomorrow.


  1. The settee looks great! :-)

  2. Wow! It looks so comfy! I am learning so much about mini making from reading your blog! I am so glad you post- I really enjoy reading your blog! Hope your wallpaper project goes quickly- I don't think the hanging is as fun as the ripping down- but what a great feeling looking at the finished project!