Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Burning the Midnight Oil

Real life has intervened, but last night I went downstairs when I normally would have been heading for bed and got a fair amount accomplished. I made new pillows, filled them with slightly less sand, and used the pins-and-hairspray method of making them look used. Success!

Then I dug out some smaller scale wooden furniture left over from the Suitcase House and glued some risers under them to adapt to elf scale. Haven't decided whether to paint them (sofa and two chairs) or cover them with cloth. If cloth, I think another trip to a fabric shop is in order. I'll prime them today and then figure it out.

I also rummaged through my stash and found more children's toys that I remembered having. With what I ordered from Manorhouse Minis the other day, the elves should have a grand display for Santa when he drops by. I also found a workbench I bought years ago for another house but won't be using it there, so the elves got it. It's a full 1:12 scale, so they have to stand on a stepstool, but that's okay. And would you believe, I had the stepstools in the stash, too.

I found some wide lace to make curtains. I know, a mushroom ought to be a bit more primitive, but the girl elf is a whiz with a needle, and most of the houses I saw in Bohemia had lace curtains that didn't quite reach the window sill so as to make room for plants. I like the light, airy look, or at least I did last night. I made one curtain and gave it the pins-and-hairspray treatment. I'll see if it still appeals when I go back downstairs in a few minutes.

All in all, a good night's work, and I wasn't up all that late. I'll take photos today.

Oh ... and I saw a line someplace the other day that won't leave my head: Santa and the Subordinate Clauses. I keep thinking of the elves as the Subs ... I don't think they'd like that if they were to find out.

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