Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Wall is Up

I woke up this morning with several things to do, but the wall kept calling to me. I got into a groove and forgot to pick up the camera, but you can easily see how this was done. I cut a door shaped hole in the center, added a piece to fill in the front of the wall, then cut balsa into strips for trim. The door is thicker balsa hinged with faux leather hinges. There's a little shelf above the door. I'll surprise you later with what's going on it. :)

The other side of the wall has trim around the door but none of the timbers. I'm considering it to be plastered over. I winged the pattern for the beams. I have no idea if they are properly engineered or not, but if you consider that this cottage is supposedly carved from a large mushroom, how heavy can the load on it be?

By the way, the wall is not glued in place. If I ever want to take the hammocks out for cleaning or refurbishing, the wall has to come out. It's wedged in very nicely. I have no fear of collapse unless the elves get a really wild party going!


  1. That turned out real well. I really like that door.

  2. The wall looks great! Love the timber pattern. Can't wait to see what you put over the door! :-)