Sunday, April 12, 2009

Trundling off to bed ...

Well, not exactly heading for bed right now. First let me show you the bay window shelf. I think it turned out nicely and will give the boys much needed room to display finished toys. I'm not sure if the back should be white or have a wooden backing. I'm leaving it white for now.

Now, this is what the trundle bed and cabinet looked like. I didn't have a pattern. I measured the space between the two posts and left the rest to logic. The bedding is wrapped around a piece of foamcore board and will drop into the trundle box.

The next photo shows it stained and nearly assembled. I used the combo dark walnut/golden oak stain pens again. I like the effect. Those are pony beads casters under the bed. They don't really roll, but hey ... And yes, one of the drawers doesn't match. You'll see.

And here's the finished trundle. It still needs accessories, but you can see why one of the drawers was left open. :) As it turns out, the trundle is about an eight of an inch wider than I'd like it to be. I've coped with that by slipping it in on an angle. Besides, I'm telling myself, if it slid all the way in, no one could see the bedding to know what it is. (How's that for rationalizing? LOL)


  1. Great shelf at the bay window! Love the trundle bed too! :-)

  2. Kathie, that trundle bed is so cute! Anyone would be happy to sleep there! I'm in awe of your whole house . . . it's amazing!

  3. i love love love this trundle bed!! fabulous!