Monday, April 13, 2009

Furniture Shop in Full Swing

No, I didn't make a swing. But I did make a counter with a shelf for the kitchen area and a nice sturdy worktable for the workshop. I also added some wood trim to the back edges. I think it looks nicely finished that way, and I was getting tired of the sagging second floor. Now it's nice and level.

Here's the kitchen counter with shelf. I used some of the styrene scraps from the kit to make the base and put a wooden top on it. I think there will be baking dishes and pots stored under there. There needs to be a sink or some kind of water and more shelves in this area, but I haven't figured out how or where. I don't think there would be running water in a mushroom, so I think a hand pump or a simple basin arrangement would be best. I just don't know what it looks like yet.

Here's the basic construction of the workbend. It's another one with no pattern. I used right-angle trim for the legs and put little block of square dowel at the bottom for the shelf to rest on. (I used the right-angle trim to finish off the back of the house, and a leftover piece caught my imagination. I saw table legs, and so the worktable came to be.) I cut two shelf pieces the same size and glued one of them to the bottom of the tabletop so there would be a place to glue the tops of the legs and to add support to the top itself. The top and shelf pieces are balsa.

I wanted a rustic look but not more wood color, so I gave the table a wash of sage green acrylic and then went over it with my favorite stain pens to age it. It looks more green here than it does in real life. The stain aged it nicely. I think the elves have been using this table for a few hundred years now. It needs to be a bit more distressed and the aging smoothed out a bit, but it needs to dry before I go at it with a nail file and some pastels (I think).

The table is a tad bit large for the area, but when all of the toys are in, I think it will look just right. I got an order today from Manor House Minis with some of the cutest little wooden toys to stock the shelves. Can't wait to get the construction work finished so I can play!


  1. Looking great! I love the wash on the workbench. Can't wait to see how you distress it more. :-)

  2. Everything is coming together so nicely. Can't wait to see the toys.