Sunday, August 4, 2013

Haunted House Trim

I'm getting closer to working on the inside, although there was a slight bump in the road. A few days ago I went downstairs to work on the Haunted House but was distracted by a pile of boxes under the stairs that held a lot of books about the American Civil War. In one of my former lifetimes I was a book publisher. The boxes hold copies of books that my company published as well as some from my private library.

This is just part of the books. I opened a seller's account on and moved some of the better books upstairs to the "salesroom". Some boxes remain under the stairs and some have moved to another part of the basement. I finally got the table cleared off this afternoon.

I added channel molding to the raw wall & ceiling edges, and worked on one of the two fireplaces that come with the kit. I used mini vinyl tiles on the fireplace, painted the mantle, and put black-painted cardstock on the back the under to form a small hearth. I don't think I'll use the 2nd fireplace. The rooms are small, and I have something much more fitting to put in its place.

Here you can see how nice the back looks with the channel molding in place. I cut some shapes from a piece of siding to glue over the three slots in the base of the gable & will paint them. I think the whole gable area will get a thin coat of the raw umber. I must say, the raw umber has become my go-to color for haunted houses!

I mentioned filling in the space beneath the house, but have had a change of plan. (This is news? lol) I glued a lazy susan on a piece of board to use as a base for the house. I'm going to make a skinny bit of landscaping the width of the house that will block the openings. It will be easily moved when I want to pull out the hidden cord for the ghost lights.

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