Saturday, August 17, 2013

Haunted Hangout Finished 4 - Reading and Pet Rooms

The photos of the finished Haunted Hangout appear in four entries.
Haunted Hangout Finished 1 - The Outside & Meet the Skeletons
Haunted Hangout Finished 2 - Outside Details & Attic
Haunted Hangout Finished 3 - Parlor and Game Rooms
Haunted Hangout Finished 4 - Reading and Pet Rooms

The reading room has a shelf full of skeleton treasures.

I'm not sure what is kept in this old metal cabinet. The hinges were hinky, so I glued all of the doors closed. I'm sure that's not a problem for the ghosts, who can reach right through the sides.

If' I'd realized this was to become a reading room, I probably would have included books in this hutch, but as the house evolved, the need for a kitchen faded. Never the less, it adds color and energy to the room and offers a place to store various herbs in bulk on the bottom shelf.

Talk about a plan evolving -- this was the stove room until a day or so ago when the rat cage moved in. Now it's the animal room. Hey, whatever!

The squashed pumpkin in the corner is wired for electricity, but since I can't imagine ever doing another seasonal house, I tucked it in here.

This flower display was a 2-minute brainstorm. This part of the wall needed something. I found the little shelf in my stash, added a flower pot and some snippets from real life plastic flowers, and the deed was done.

There are better pictures of the rat cage elsewhere. Its addition made this room a lot more interesting.

And so ends the saga of the Haunted Hangout. Now maybe I can get back to what I thought I'd be doing this summer: the Greenleaf Pierce Bohemian Inn and Tavern.

Before I do that, though, I've promised myself a grand clean out and reorganization of the craft area. I sure hope I can keep my promise, because man, does it ever need it.

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