Saturday, August 17, 2013

Haunted Hangout Finished 3 - Parlor and Game Rooms

The photos of the finished Haunted Hangout appear in four entries.
Haunted Hangout Finished 1 - The Outside & Meet the Skeletons
Haunted Hangout Finished 2 - Outside Details & Attic
Haunted Hangout Finished 3 - Parlor and Game Rooms
Haunted Hangout Finished 4 - Reading and Pet Rooms

The skeletons are missing from these photos as they block out much of the detail in the rooms.

In the parlor, a large mirror over the sofa was added. I wonder about those little potion jars on the table. Are they meant to, uhhh, spice up the coffee?

Have you noticed the lack of electricity? Candles and oil lamps are in use throughout.

There's a shotgun over the door in the game room. I guess even skeletons need to have some kind of home defense at hand. The skirt on the table hides the cord from the ghost lights. It comes in through the window and pokes down through the floor. A little bit of it shows in the corner of the picture. The table skirt doubles as a hide-out for one of the house pets.

This skeleton is the only one who is not removable. It was easier to glue him in place than fiddle with posing him each time he moved.

I like this wall decoration. I sawed the back off of a plastic skull, glued two waste bits from Greenleaf Orchid window punch outs on a black backing, painted it and added the feathers. (No skeletons were harmed in the making of this item.) The feathers came with the dots.

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