Saturday, August 17, 2013

Haunted Hangout Finished 1 - The Outside & Meet the Skeletons

The photos of the finished Haunted Hangout appear in four entries.
Haunted Hangout Finished 1 - The Outside & Meet the Skeletons
Haunted Hangout Finished 2 - Outside Details & Attic
Haunted Hangout Finished 3 - Parlor and Game Rooms
Haunted Hangout Finished 4 - Reading and Pet Rooms

Hallowe'en is two and a half months away, but the skeletons and their friends hang out all year around in the Haunted Hangout. The building is mounted on a lazy susan for easy viewing and on display in the dining room. Don't forget to click on the pictures for larger versions.


I punched out a lot of little oak leaves while watching episodes of WKRP the other night. They're now scattered on the house and porch roofs, each one glued down. Lloyd said he's not up for raking the dining room.

Four rooms, an attic and the porch suit the skeletons well. Downstairs are the parlor and game rooms. Upstairs are the pet and reading rooms. Under the house -- well, your guess is as good as any! (Sorry this photo has a flare; will try to replace it soon.)

Meet the Skeletons

All but two skeletons have gathered for a group photo. One of the missing is an addicted pipe smoker who was out on the porch at the time and the other was inside reading the Kansas City Star and couldn't be bothered.

The pipe smoker on the porch.

The reader is comfortable in the bow window of the game room. I wonder if he's checking the entertainment section for card games in the area.

This lady is in the parlor, her coffee at hand, chatting with a friend.

Her friend got gussied up for their visit.

This fellow is holding a box of checkers in the game room. He's ready to play.

This fellow is moving the game table into place. They'll be ready to begin in a minute.

This fellow is in the pet room. This room has a nice coal stove to keep the pets warm during the winter. He's enjoying a cup of tea while watching the antics of the caged rats.

This fellow has his feet up and is relaxing with a home decorating magazine.

You may have noticed that the skeletons don't have names. They prefer to remain anonymous. In some cases, I'm not sure if they are male or female, but they assure me that gender is not an issue, especially among those who have been skeletons for a good long while, and even the ladies in the parlor will soon abandon their feminine finery and become comfortable in their bones.

The skeletons, by the way, are the only things in the house not glued down. I'm not too concerned about taking everything out at some point to dust. A little dust will add to the ambience. The next few posts will show you the room detail.

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