Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hallowe'en Decorations

No better ideas came to me in the night, so today I hooked up the ghost lights with cloth-wrapped wires. Two tiny holes between shingles worked fine. A dab of paint camouflaged the tiny bit of wire that showed.

Click on the photos to see details, like the spider to the right of the attic window. The little pumpkins on the garland and stacked by the suit of armor are putka pods. I bought a whole bag of them for $1 some years ago. They are seed pods from an Australian tree -- Glochidion ferdinandi --  commonly known as the cheese tree. The squiggly lines on the porch posts don't stand out as much as they did at first. I had fun filling the window boxes. Found some pale black-eyed susans, each with a black leaf, in the box of landscaping material that have just the right dead air about them. 

The ghost lights reached all around the porch and across the front of the second level, with one little guy nipping around the corner. The big witch is hot glued onto the roof.

The chimney side took the longest to do. The vines are made of lycopodium. The twisted stems added to the atmosphere, and the greenery help to camouflage the wires as the ghosts climbed from the porch to the upper story. I think the plastic figures -- the skeleton in the window box, bug on the chimney just below the roof -- are meant to glow in the dark. They haven't been in bright light long enough to test the theory. Their translucency adds to the spookiness.

On the back (open side), the edges of the walls & ceiling/floor need to be capped with a U-channel, and the opening at ground level needs to be closed up some way. There's that to do and a bit more decorating outside. I've made that the next priority, although truth be told, I'd rather be working on the inside.

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