Saturday, August 17, 2013

Haunted Hangout Finished 2 - Outside Details & Attic

The photos of the finished Haunted Hangout appear in four entries.
Haunted Hangout Finished 1 - The Outside & Meet the Skeletons
Haunted Hangout Finished 2 - Outside Details & Attic
Haunted Hangout Finished 3 - Parlor and Game Rooms
Haunted Hangout Finished 4 - Reading and Pet Rooms

The little details outside the house and on the porch were fun to do. The bats are happy with their little house.

The ghosts dance and the leaves and moss add color and texture.

The suit of armor guards the door. Is there a skeleton inside? I don't know!

This sad little ghost is from a scrapbooking packet. Hmm ... looks as if a welcome mat might be in order.

 Our friend the smoker skeleton keeps an old chair on the porch.

The pumpkin critter was once an unpainted woodsie meant to become a greenery topiary. I like the spooky edge in this photo.

A bedraggled witch holds court on the roof and a raven keeps a watchful eye while a humongous bat and a wide-eyed owl in the attic wonder why they're awake right now. Strangely, the oversize items on the roof and in the attic don't break the spell when the house is viewed as a whole. I suppose once one's reality is suspended sufficiently to accept a houseful of busy skeletons, anything is possible.

While we're in the attic, check out the trunk full of Lemax wiggly snakes, the ginormous skull in the window, and the very large rat.

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