Monday, November 18, 2013

Back to the Workshop

The pottery shop, that is. When we experienced the leaking roof earlier this year, the pottery shop was in the condo. It didn't suffer direct damage from the water, but the handling by painters and others didn't help it any. When I made the pot shop for the Greenleaf contest, I didn't quite get finished. The other day I decided to do the rehab and add the finishing touches.

A lot of the contents were glued in place, but a few pots fell out and were lost or broken. The big doors were broken off but not damaged. One of the doors was missing for several weeks and turned up packed with real life kitchen stuff by the idiot cleaning service. (click on the photos to see details)

The kiln suffered more from humidity than anything else, I think. It is made of foam core covered with brick-printed paper that pulled loose. I can't remember what kind of glue I used originally. I used rubber cement to fix it. I've ordered some more pots to load inside the kiln. I'll post a photo of the renewed kiln when the pots arrive. (I'm not sure why the King Cake babies are lying in a heap. They don't belong here at all.)

The back didn't look quite as bad. One part of the removable roof needed a new brace, and the whole thing got a good dusting with a soft brush and canned air. 

I made a new table for the display/sale room. The middle of the room was crying for more merchandise. The pot on the top is one that has a face peering out the side. 

After cleaning out the dust, I dry-brushed some ivory acrylic here and there to simulate clay dust.  

Another small adjustment is the wood pile. The original logs are on the left. I used the Easy Cutter to break them down into smaller pieces. They're much closer to scale now. 


  1. Cada vez en mas bonita,con unos detalles preciosos.

  2. Gracias. Los detalles son importantes para mí. (Thank you. The details are important to me.)

  3. Im glad you were able to fix all the damage (well except for the doors)

    marisa :)

  4. The doors are fine. They just need to be rehung.