Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Knee Wall's Connected to the ...

There isn't a knee wall, but I really wanted to do a take on the song. I discovered that just like in the lyrics, one thing leads to another, even in miniature remodeling. Thought about it overnight and decided I really want the striped wall coverings gone. When I got to it, I discovered the bit of wall with the door was just duck-taped to the back wall. Ha! Didn't take long to get that puppy out of there. It will be so much easier to fix the muntins in the door and repaint it. Did I mention that the white paint is on the ivory side and yellowing in places? I want something of a brighter, cleaner white.

Then I took out the flooring on the upper level. It was very thin, no texture, and the sealer had turned yellow. Of course I had to take out the baseboard to get the floor out. This is what it looked like at that point, as I contemplated taking out the shelves.

After about 35 seconds of contemplation, as you can see, the shelves are out (they're just sitting there, waiting for the movers to get them), and so is the angled wall with the tall wainscoting. So is all of the striped wall cloth. So is 3/4 of the window frame.  Will the 3/4" spacer be removed so as to gain another 9" of floor space on the right side? Jury's still out.

This is the what came out. The top surface of the illustration board peeled off with the fabric and wainscoting. The wainscoting was a bit warped, which was one of the deciding factors for taking it out on the side walls; the back wall will stay the way it is.

I think I'm going to use a thin posterboard to form a smooth surface on the walls, then give it a coat of gesso to seal. In any event, I'll be diving into my stash to find a nice, light, quiet batik to use on the walls; something soothing and neutral to back up the colorful quilts. Since every one of my fat quarters has a mouse-bit out of a corner (to make the bolts for the shop), more likely this means a trip to a quilt store. Haven't figured out yet just how much I'll need. Rule of thumb says the amount will be just a tad more than I have on hand.

It will be nice to be able to finish each section of wall before putting it back in and have some wiggle room for installing electrical bits. Do I want to keep to the old house look and use a couple of chandeliers in the main room, or has the proprietor installed modern lights? Pot lights over the cutting table? A floor lamp on the upper level by the worktable? Decisions, decisions!

Time to go through the fabric stash & electrical storage box!

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