Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Wall Comes Tumbling Down

I thought about the best way to get the fireplace wall cut loose. Cutting along the edge of the wainscoting seemed like the best idea, but cutting inside the box was awkward. I got out the Dremel and drilled a line of holes beside the wainscoting, then connected the dots on the backside of the wall. It will be easier to cut from the back with a sharp utility knife blade.
Notice the markings on the wall. The interior walls are all made of heavy duty illustration board.

The cutting went pretty well, and with the odd bit of walls masking taped in place, the shop now looks like this:

The big shelf unit fits perfectly against the left wall and covers the fireplace opening. I removed all of the ceiling moldings before removing the wall and marked their location. If by chance I find more of the same molding, I won't have to cut all of it. The angles, by the way, were mitered perfectly, even on the angled wall.

Did you notice the stairs moved yet again? The railing on the right is glued, that's why it's in an awkward place. I can take care of that. It occured to me that with the steps to the left, the right side of the upper part would make a good place for a worktable and sewing machine. What quilt shop doesn't have a sewing machine set up?

The window seat cushion is gone and I think the filigree work is going, too. With the bright colors of the shop contents, it will be busy enough in there. In fact, I am thinking about taking out all of the striped material and substituting a more subtle  pattern in paper or fabric -- or simply paint the walls. It will be a much better background for displaying quilts and wall hangings.

I like the low wainscoting on the back wall, the taller stuff not so much. It may come out. And the built-in shelves are in jeopardy, too. You can't see because of the bit of striped board sticking out on the right side, but that wall could move back about 3/4" if the shelves disappear. And since I'm not crazy to make more accessories to fill those shelves, and since the slot wall doesn't look good against them . . . hmmm. I hear the jackhammers revving up again.

I'll be so happy when I get to the point of putting something into this project rather than taking stuff out!

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