Monday, July 23, 2012

Demolition & Staging

It seems as if bashing a Brooke Tucker room box borders on desecration, but I'm thinking of it as a Victorian home that is being remodeled into a fine contemporary quilt shop.

The first thing to go was that bit of wall blocking the view of the shelves. Not sure that the shelves will be used as shelves. They may be covered by a hanging quilt. But nonetheless, the wall had to go. The outer piece came off easily. The angles piece was more of a challenge, but it, too, gave way, leaving a wedge of plywood on the floor and another on the ceiling.

Luckily, the wedges weren't glued. A little effort with the handsaw and they were gone. Isn't it nice to be able to flip mini houses upside down?

I also tore out the built-in seat on the left side. It is a perfect spot for a couple of fabric bolt shelf units. The cushion part is on the floor.  With just these few pieces inside, it became apparent that the left wall needs to be moved back against the outer wall of the box. Just that bare inch or so will make a difference. The angled part of the right wall can be trimmed to fill out the gap made by its removal. I'm hoping the cloth wall coverings will hold up under the remodeling and not have to be replaced.

I have some other ideas. I want to take out the upper section of filligree to get rid of the mis-matched joints and the cloth section. I'll replace them with a strip of posts like the ones below the opening.
What to do next? Probably moving the fireplace wall, but the current lights maybe ought to come out first.

I'll try to blog this daily if life doesn't intervene too much. Ideas and suggestions welcome!


  1. Ciao!!! Bellissimo questo tuo lavoro!!! Complimenti per le miniature!!!!
    Sono una tua nuova amica!!! Ti seguo con piacer!!!
    Vieni a trovarmi se ti va!!!
    Un bacio

  2. Grazie! Questo progetto sarĂ  divertimento da fare.

  3. Some amazing kit bashing! looking good!

  4. Thank you! This was just the beginning. Check the newer posts. :)