Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Demolition Continues

It's amazing how much damage can be inflicted by a tiny screwdriver, tack hammer, and a sharp utility knife. I took out the built-in seat on the right side. It gave more of a fight than the one on the left, leaving some of the cloth wall covering damaged. Not a problem, though; it's a place that will be hidden.

With both of the lattice dividers out, it occurred to me that I could remove the railing part and use it alone. Here is is propped up temporarily. I like the way it opens up the back area. One of the latticework sections can be used in the window. The right side stair railing can be fitted against the stairs. It won't be stuck out so far. You can almost tell that those big old lights are gone. Add new wiring to the to-do list! The rest of the lattice has been put aside to use someplace else. (The New Orleans Victorian Beacon Hill comes to mind.)

The railing pieces have holes drilled top and bottom. The top ones can be filled easily enough. One problem is that one section has a handrail piece glued on upside down. Do I leave it as is and figure it will be far enough back that no one will notice? I really don't want to think about trying to take it loose from the ballusters to flip it. Maybe a nice quilt draped over it will do the trick.

With the latticework out of the way, the doorway pops into view. I really thought it was just another window! The muntins on one side popped out, but I have them and they can be glued. Am thinking about taking out the cushion on the window seat to make a plain painted sill. I like the fabric pattern on the walls, but it is just a bit too fussy here.  There is a 2-3/4" piece of wall between the edge of the doorframe and the wainscoting. I believe I'll cut the wall there so I can step it back to the outer wall of the box. I have enough decorated wallboard to make a nice jog in the wall.

Next on the agenda: moving the wall.

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