Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quilts at the Great American Dollhouse Museum

Last week we traveled, and in our travels we spent nearly a whole day at The Great American Dollhouse Museum in Danville, Kentucky (about 20 miles south of Lexington). It was such a treat to visit with the gracious owner, Lori Kagan-Moore, and some of her family. The museum was featured recently on a local TV station and can be seen on YouTube. Lori permits photos in the museum, and I took several, although reflections were a challenge. I'm posting four of them here -- all of quilts, since that is my current focus. More to come, I promise! Poke the photos for a larger view.

Although the clothing isn't quite right, I think this scene was in the Shaker Village.

There are two quilts in the photo, one fabric print folded on the floor and one stitched on the bed. This house boasted a beautiful rug in every room. I wish I could remember more about the house. After exposure to hundreds of houses and thousands of beautiful rooms, my memory box overflowed! Here is a pieced and printed quilt. Can't recall which house this was.
The next scene is from a series depicting the days of the underground railroad. The little girl is telling the runaway under the bed to keep still, as the authorities have come to the house. The quilt appears to be printed fabric with stitch marks added with ink.
More about The Great American Dollhouse Museum when we get unpacked and sorted out!

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  1. Gracias por compartir estas fotos de tu viaje. Son escenas entraƱables.
    Besos Clara.