Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Out of Chaos

Late this evening I looked at the worktable and couldn't comprehend how I'd managed to get anything done in all of the chaos. I tidied up somewhat after I snapped the photo but it's still nothing to brag about. The clutter in the lower left is the creation of a display frame prototype.
The quilt-in-progress is put together and in the workroom. I like the strips yet to be added that hang on the chair. I wish I'd shaped them a bit better with hairspray before I glued them, but they look okay in person. Did you notice that the quilt hanging by the worktables has a sewing theme? :)

This is the third table in the workroom. The pieces aren't glued in place. I want to show a pile of quilt blocks and some sashing in progress. This fabric has alternating one-inch solid blocks and blocks made of four half inch small blocks. It would be a good candidate except that the colors are so blah. I need to find better fabric for this one.
I did get some new smaller quilts made. The top left and center quilts will be on racks in the show room. The smaller ones below them will go on the walls. The one on the right -- not sure what will happen to that one. It needs to have a border before I decide.
The bulk of the afternoon was spend fiddling with quilt frames for display in the showroom. This prototype is a bit unstable and about an inch and a quarter too tall, but has provided the research I needed to make better ones. There will be two quilts on each frame, back to back. I'm not sure how many frames this room will take so that a) visitors will be able to see both sides of the frames and b) the view of the kitchen/workroom won't be blocked entirely. Did you notice the little clothespins holding up the quilt?


  1. ¡Que caos! es verdad, pero es necesario tener todo a mano a veces y más si vas a una exposición y tienes que terminar muchas cosas.
    Las escenas de la maquina de coser te han quedado ideales. Tienes muy buenas ideas poniendo las telas en el respaldo de la silla, o preparando la colcha.
    Los bastidores para exponer me parece muy buena idea, ya contarás si los visitantes se han interesado en las caras.
    Besos Clara

  2. Gracias, Clara. Me gusta ver el trabajo en curso. Esto hace que la escena más natural.

  3. Kathie, I love the room,quilts are stunning, I can't imagine how yo do it in such scale, fantastic work! Congrats!

  4. I am in love with your quilt shop. I'm in the midst of making one, one of the street of shops, the corner shop in 1" scale. How did you make your jelly rolls? They are sooo cute! I see buttons but think you bought those? Did you buy the thread spools, also? Would love any hints on stuff you made. We've made fabric bolts, and have some accessories but your shop is perfect! Love it! Leslie in Decorah, IA