Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Quilts

The chaos in yesterday's photo has nothing on the chaos and clutter generated today! I made three quilts, finished another, and made a wall hanging, plus a dozen more bolts of fabric. There are snips of fabric all over the place! These quilts are all about 5"x7" and will be displayed on the frames in the quilt show room.

The next one is the crazy quilt I started way last fall. I made the push and got it finished. Decided it would get lost among the quilts in the show, so I think it will be displayed in the apartment. It's not a very traditional design but I like the clean modern lines combined with the fussy look of a crazy quilt. The sparkle doesn't show up in the photo. It really looks much better in person.

I did a tentative rearrangement of the apartment furnishings. The little wall hanging I made today is on the bed. It may hang inside the Murphy bed. The crazy quilt will hang higher, above a table that will go between the chairs.

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  1. Son un espectaculo cada una de ellas. Enhorabuena por el trabajo. Ahora te toca recoger todos los hilos y restos, pero contenta de lo que has hecho. Besos Clara