Friday, August 27, 2010

Curtains in the Quilt Shop

While I was in a Kentucky quilt shop, I found some black and white fabric printed with sequins. Some had a black background, some white. I bought fat quarters of each and made the shop curtains with the darker valences. I didn't want colored curtains to fight with the luscious colors of the fabric bolts, yet the windows needed something. I like the way it looks now. It so happened that I managed to hit a Hobby Lobby during their 50% off sale on dollhouse miniatures. I snagged a washer and dryer for the kitchen/workroom. Also got a case of Coca-Cola for refreshments -- it's a Christmas tree ornament. When I saw this photo, I remembered the blocked doorway. The brown is the back of the large shelf in the shop. Not sure whether I'll tack a piece of wallpaper on the back of the shelf unit or put a hutch there. I used to have several Michael's hutches, but danged if I can find them. One day I've got to get the work area sorted out!
My prized purchase at The Great American Dollhouse Museum store was this crocheted afghan. It is exquisitely done and looks perfect on the Murphy bed. Unfortunately, the creator is unknown. I'd love to give credit for such fine work. You can see a bit of the quilt rack; it has a fold of cheater cloth to mimic a quilt. The "real" quilts are too thick for it.
Now we need curtains for the kitchen and studio apartment. I auditioned some lace curtains in the apartment but didn't like them. I may just make valances. We'll see, won't we? You may have noticed by now that this is evolving ... what seems like a good idea one day gives way to an even better one the next. At least I hope it's a better one!


  1. It looks awesome! That first photo really fools you into thinking it's a real life sized store.

  2. Me encanta como ha quedado tu tienda!!!
    Los electrodomesticos son preciosos y la colcha una verdadera maravilla!!
    besitos ascension

  3. ¡Cómo me gusta la tienda! Es una de mis ilusiones hacer una tienda de telas y complementos de costura. Una buena compra la lavadora. El rincón de labores está muy bien ambientado con esa colcha tan bien hecha.
    Besos Clara.