Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Details, details, details!

Here's an overview of the quilt shop. The shop (lower left) is coming along nicely. The workroom (above the shop) is also coming along. The bathroom needs wall hangings. My friend NJ says she has just the thing for in there. :) The apartment (upper right) is still in chaos. The furniture is there just to see what it looks like with furniture. The Murphy bed will stay. Not sure about anything else. Below the apartment is the large room where the quilts will be displayed, and behind it the kitchen/workroom. Poke the picture to see the details.

I'm debating whether to have the Murphy bed open or closed. NJ says it should be open or people won't know what it is. But I wonder about it being open during the day. Makes the owner seem a bit lax with her housekeeping!
Remember the empty spot on the counter? It has been filled with spools of thread in a basket.
Here is the finished shelf unit. The little wall hangings across the top were cut from fabric. I really like the detail in this. Too bad most of it won't be seen because the unit is toward the back of the room on a side wall. I hope folks peek in the window to see it.

I started hanging quilts to add color to the walls. The big quilts, back and at right, are glued to a bamboo skewer, which runs through screw eyes. If this reverts to a residence one day, the tiny holes can be filled or papered over. The smaller quilt also has a skewer glued to it. The skewer holds it just far enough from the wall to look more "real". I think the smaller quilts are light enough to be held up with miniwax. Note the quilt in progress on the far worktable. The nearest chair holds sewn strips for another quilt. More about that later.
Here's a better shot of the apartment. The resin lady appeared in a box of minis given to me by a friend last May. She's knitting. The furniture, except for the Murphy bed, is in there to be auditioned. Still not sure what this room will look like, but it's beginning to feel like a personal hideaway in a commercial establishment.
This is how the quilt on the worktable (above) got to have such realistic folds and draping. This is the quilt for the near table. The quilter is sewing a strip in place. The pink contractor's foam is standing in for the table and the bit of foamcore board is standing in for the sewing machine. I didn't want to get them gunked up with hair spray.
Here is a strip of wall hangings that will go over the doorway between the show room and the kitchen. They have also received a dose of hairspray to give them some life. I want them to appear to be fluttering. The two bundles in clamps are quilts. It's nearly impossible to fold a quilt this small and keep it from popping open. A few drops of fabric glue help considerably. I hesitated to fold these up, but what would a quilt shop be without some folded quilts on a shelf?
I talked to my friend at the local hardware store today about plexiglass for the back. I think some U-channels ought to do the trick. I want to have it enclosed for the show.


  1. You have been busy! About the Murphy bed, surely sometimes even the most fastidious housekeeper must leave it open to air?? ;)

  2. Norma, what a good thought about the Murphy bed. It would be a nice place to stack some folded quilts, too.

    Daisy, thanks for your lovely comment. For some reason it evaporated into the ether when I clicked on the "publish" button.

  3. This shop is coming along so nicely. The little details are amazing. Love the murphy bed. I think down is good.

  4. Es una tienda-casa completa y perfecta. Todos los complementos perfectos. Besos Clara

  5. Love this shop!!! Very nicely done! You know, the draping technique you show is the same one I use too, but I can't use hairspray (allergies), so I pin everything in place, attaching the "floor" to the other piece, and hold everything over a pot of boiling water for about 2 minutes. Then just let it cool and dry COMPLETELY before removing, and it will stay! I plan to follow your lovely blog, you have such great ideas, and fabulous miniatures! Thanks for a wonderful afternoon spent browsing you blog!!!