Thursday, March 5, 2009

Room Divider Installed

I decided to install the room divider sideways with a chest in front of it. I guess I didn't have very good contact on some of the joints, as some of them popped apart today, but I repaired them with more Tenax7R. They seem to be holding more firmly.

I drilled the holes in the floor and popped the unit into place. I don't think I hit any of the wires underneath with the drill. I didn't check because I don't have time to deal with it today if I did! lol The red sparkly things are just stuck there for a little color. I don't know if they'll stay; probably not.

The chest is the bottom half of an unfinished cupboard from Michael's. It needs a little more aging, I think. The rest of the cupboard will go upstairs. I was a little concerned about scale with the tiny stove. Maybe I'm just getting used to it, or maybe having one-inch scale steps helps, but the use of both scales doesn't bother me, at least not so far. I'm not sure what size the elves' worktable will be. If it's one-inch scale, they may need stepstools to reach. But stepstools may be kind of cute. We'll see.

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