Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bunkbeds for the Elves

This afternoon I was going to work on the landscaping, but the elves had other ideas. "Beds," they demanded. "We need beds."

So, here are the bunkbed frames for the guys. They're a bit bulky for the space, but they were adamant about not wanting skinny little mattresses.

The frames are styrene tubing, round-headed pins, beads, and some jewelry findings. The mattress boards are quarter-inch foam core board. They couldn't wait for the bedding but had to try out the frames. As long as they're up there, I may have them slide the beds around to see if there is a better place for them.

The girl elf, who like the others still remain nameless, will have a single bed. I have to figure out how to give her some privacy. She's not as pushy, so her bed isn't finished yet. I was hoping to give her a cozy bed near the oven wall, but that doesn't seem to be happening.


  1. Those beds are great. How about a name like melody for the girl elf. It has a nice musical sound.

  2. Thanks, Doreen, but I think the beds are going to go. It seems to me that the sleek white plastic of the house says "I'm carved from a mushroom", but the plastic furniture is too modern and cold. I think the guys might be happier in hammocks, and they wouldn't take up so much room. This will take some more thought!