Monday, March 9, 2009

Room Divider Faux Painted

Well, the white of the divider was annoyingly pristine, so I waved my magic wand (a long handled paintbrush) and changed it to wood. I like it much better.

This little elf seems to have put himself in charge of supervising construction on this project. He complained that the shelf I added to the oven wall was crooked. I told him the shelf is okay, it's the wall that's crooked. He bought it. heehee. :)

So, now to design and build the hammocks and rack and li'l missy's trundle bed (which will go in front of the divider. She may need a little screen for privacy, too.


  1. Hallo Katie!

    I really like your nice blog... thanks for the ideas!
    I've given you a blog award, so please pick it up when you stop by my blog :-)

    greetings from Vienna

  2. Thank you, Taenia, for the award and your kind words. I hope I can find 15 great blogs that have not yet received it to pass it along.