Thursday, March 12, 2009

Priorities? What Priorities?

We're leaving on a road trip tomorrow morning. You know everything that needs to be done beforehand. Plus add getting the tax stuff ready for the accountant, and . . . you get the drift.

So what did I do today besides six loads of laundry? I made the frame for the elves's hammocks. I'm going to take it and the hammock materials with to work on while we're driving maybe, or if there's some quiet time during the week.

The frame has been painted Honeycomb. It's the first layer for a faux wood finish. I've forgotten the name of the paint that goes on top. Mink or something soft like that, I think. It's the same paint used on the downstairs room divider. I like the look and didn't want to mess with stain.

There will be two hammocks on either side of the window, one above the other. I used square dowels for the uprights and braces and balsawood for the base and top.

Sorry for such a short post, but it's nearly 6 pm and the To-Do list didn't get much shorter this afternoon! We're taking the laptop with us. I'll try to post from the road if I make any progress on the hammocks.


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  2. Thank you, Casey! I'll be hard pressed to find ten blogs that haven't already received the award, but I'll do my best!

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