Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Room Divider

Nope. This is not a bedframe. The Orchid kit has a wall on the ground floor, but I want a more open, airy feel to the workroom. Without some kind of support, the upper floor sags. Here's my solution. I made this divider out of hollow styrene tubing of various diameters. In the support pole, I inserted bamboo skewers for a little extra stability. The skewers stick out at the bottom a little bit. I'm going to drill holes in the floor and stick the skewers through. With glue at each end of the pole, I think it will hold in place. I left it open, so the elves can hang things on it. I'm not sure how they'll use it, but I could hear them chattering as they watched me.

Now, the question is this: should the divider be parallel to the oven wall or go crosswise near the back? I guess I'd better figure out what else is going in here before I fix it in place.

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