Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Electrical Challenge Met! (well, part way)

Here's a picture of the front of the house with the gables in place. I put them on when I needed a break from electrification.

That's a little step thing from a computer desk. When I'm working inside a house, it's nice to have it elevated a bit so I don't have to lean over.

This is what I needed to take a break from. Some of the light wires needed to be lengthened. I went to the hardware store for solder, but they didn't have the right kind, so I opted for the easy way out and bought a roll of vinyl electrician's tape for about 60 cents.

I cut the wires, nicked the covering about an inch from the end and pulled it off. As I pulled, I twisted the covering, which twisted the little wires together. It's much easier to work with that way than if all of the tiny wires are going every which way. I twisted the new wires to the old and then wrapped the joint in the electrician's tape. It works a bit like the shrink tubes sold by Cir-Kit City and other places.

Five of the ten lights went under the house. You can see the joined wires and where they went under the house. The electrician's tape stuck to the plastic floor very well.

All of the elves and Santa came by for the lighting ceremony. We all clapped when the lights came on! The stars are glued to styrene tubes. The tubes are glued to the wall. The light feeds up from under the house. The stars are meant to hold mirrors in place. They work very nicely here, too. The trees are part of a Christmas floral pick. I put one light on the oven wall. I haven't put a tree under it because it's so close to the stove.

These lights are not bright enough to read by, but they add some sparkle to the scene. Even a little light is better than none!

The battery pack is now hidden under the stairs. The lights for upstairs run through holes drilled along the wall at the top of the stairs. I didn't lengthen them, because I have no idea where they're going yet. I think progress will go much faster now that the lighting problem is solved.

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