Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wallpaper is Up

The railing is in place on the stairs. I had hoped to make the upper part removable, but in order to run the handrail all the way to the top, it was necessary to glue everything in place. None the less, I like the way it turned out. The rest of the baseboards have also been installed, both upstairs and down. They lack only the quarter round to finish them off, but I haven't ordered it yet.

Then -- I did the wallpaper in the kitchen, finally. Making the templates took waaaaay longer than hanging the wallpaper. I used liquid starch for paste and really like the way it handled. I could slide the paper around to get it seated properly, which was very helpful in such tight quarters. It was easy to paint on with a brush, and it did not bleed through the paper. The blue tape is holding the baseboard in place and holding together the two sections of linoleum while the glue dries.
I must confess, I did only three walls. The other side of the wall that divides these two rooms was just more than I wanted to deal with. It is painted white, but I think it will be covered over with shelves on either side of the doorway and maybe a shelf above the doorway as well.
So, except for the quarter round, I believe the house is finished, except for the fourth wall, which needs to be cleaned up and painted. Yet to come, landscaping and interior items.


  1. I also have a few of those hidden places in my dollhouse that I just don't want to paint and all because they aren't really visible ;)
    I really love the stairs and railing, such a cute little corner in the house!
    Your house is looking great so far! I can't wait to see how it will turn out to be!

  2. I'm so jealous of your progress! My poor little Joanna's dollhouse, the Victoria's Farmhouse, is sitting in my basement patiently waiting for me to do the wiring so I can get it finished. Since we aren't going to get to go anywhere for our spring break this year, I have decided that she and I will work on it together during that week in between my part-time job!

    This is looking wonderful! It inspires me to finish her house!


  3. Anneke, I know what you mean. You can see how long it took me to get to that trouble spot!

    Jody, I work in fits and starts on minis as other interests also pull at me. But I'm retired, and that makes all the difference. :)