Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Carpentry Session

Today I built a couple more cabinets for the main shop room, a cabinet to hold the thread rack and a shelf/counter to hold fabric bolts below and miscellany on top. The fat quarters will be part of the miscellany. I used balsa wood. The white is painted with gesso, the oak is stained with the MinWax golden oak. I ran an emery board over the gesso to knock down the little "hairs" that stand up. It was so smooth that I decided not to put a coat of satin finish house paint on it. The cabinet needs door and drawer handles.
This is what the main shop room looks like now. The new shelf is front middle. I think the furnitures and fixtures are pretty much where they'll end up. Subject to change, of course, when the accessories and display quilts go in. I glued feet on the new shelf and the three smaller units -- sage green pony beads. It works with the floor and gives them a little lift that they needed. I'm not sure that the tapered shelf in the back left corner will stay. We'll see what there is to put on it when the accessories move in.

I want to build cupboards for the kitchen. And there are quilt racks to be built for the show display. It is coming together.


  1. This is wonderful! I love the shelves for fabric! It's going to be such a lovely project.


  2. Kathy the shelves are realy lovely! I'm glad to visit your blog, you have beautiful minis!

  3. This is great inspiration for me. Im interested how do you like my.By the way.Its in Czech language. Jiri

  4. Thank you, Jody, Meli, and Jiri. :)

    I looked at your site, Jiri. I can read a little of it myself, and Google Translator helped! I look forward to seeing photos of your projects!