Thursday, March 11, 2010

The fun begins ... staging

The fun really began this afternoon when I pulled the furniture out of the storage box to begin staging the quilt shop. This probably isn't where the pieces will end up, but it's a start. The bolts will be sorted by color and type of fabric before they are glued into place, and the shelves will be filled. I'm thinking to make a cabinet to hold the thread rack and a long cabinet one bolt high and one or two bolts wide to run from the front to the far side of the tall bolt shelf. This will provide surface space to display fat quarters and other small items. I'm really liking how the workroom is shaping up. I just had to put a couple of quilts in here to see how they'll look. They probably won't stay. (I think the prime wall on the right will get the crazy quilt when it's finished.)
The kitchen is pretty plain. It needs a counter to hold a nice big coffee pot and a tray with cups and maybe some donuts. Not sure about the baker's rack or Michael's hutch in the used-to-be dining room. This is the room where the quilt show will be hung and we may need room for quilt racks.


  1. What a beautiful project.I love watching your progress.Regards,Sonia.

  2. Thank you, Sonia. I'm having a lot of fun with it.