Thursday, March 4, 2010

Avoidance Techniques Honed

Another day avoiding the wallpapering. I'm getting good at it.

What I did is paint the inside of the stairwell, using a mirror. There was a pretty steep learning curve as I adjusted to working in reverse, but the job is done. Did you notice the difference in the height of two steps? It must be a flaw in the original construction. But really, no one would notice unless they stuck a camera up there, or a mirror, so shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... we'll keep this our little secret. I also used the mirror to paint the hidden parts in the kitchen, so there's now a nice undercoat, ready to receive the wallpaper.While I was in a paint slinging mood, I painted the inside of both fireplaces black. In the quilt shop, they'll be hidden by shelving, but they're ready for a log fire if or when the building turns back into a residence. Then the former dining room got its linoleum and baseboards. I put the back wall on to be sure it still fit, and then added a piece of quarter round molding to finish off the edge of the linoleum in both the living and dining rooms.I told myself the paint in the kitchen wasn't nearly dry enough to contemplate wallpapering, so I made a template of the floor of the upper room that has the staircase, thinking to start putting in the planks. But then decided to stain all of the flooring first. For these three sheets, I rubbed the golden oak stain in with a piece of cloth. Here's the job in progress. I remembered to use a plastic glove, so my fingers are not stained this time. :)

And after that I tidied up the worktable, put away paints and tools that won't be used soon, and swept the floor. By then it was time to stop to make supper.

Wallpaper? What wallpaper?

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