Saturday, March 27, 2010

Playing the Slots

Several weeks ago, when I was in one of my favorite quilt shops, I took a photo of the slotwall hung with lots of luscious accessories. Today I recreated it in mini. The photo is a bit skewed because of the camera angle, but you get the idea. I prepared the image by tweaking it with a photo program -- sharpened it, adjusted the color, increased the saturation a bit, etc. I tried to make the clearest photo I possibly could. I sized it using MSWord, printed one black and white copy to check the measurements, and then made three copies on glossy photo paper.

One copy served as the background.

A second copy was cut up and most of the individual items were glued on top of their counterparts on the background. I didn't want to make all of them the same depth. The glue I used is Glossy Accents, a clear dimensional embellishment by Ranger. I got it at Michael's, in the scrapbook/stamping area. Its two main properties are that it dries without shrinking or going flat, and dries crystal clear. It permitted me to add more depth than just the thickness of the paper.

A third copy got special treatment. I put a little blob of Glossy Accents over the raised areas of each item. The blob magnified the image beneath it and made it 3-D. When it dried, there was too much contrast between the shiny blob and the photo paper surface. I painted each item with clear nail polish; that makes it look as if the whole display card is covered with plastic.

The photo below shows the work in progress. The top photo is the one with the blobs and nail polish. The middle photo is the background. Most of the plain photo cutouts have been glued in place. The smallest photo is what's left of the plain photo to be cut and glued onto the background. You can poke the photos to enlarge them if you want to see details.

This is going to go behind the counter, against the stairs. This is becoming a very nicely stocked quilt shop. :)


  1. Kathie, THAT IS PHENOMENAL!!!!!

  2. Fantastic use of materials! :]

  3. It's awesome, I really thought that the first pic was the real thing, great job you've done!


  4. Amazing! I work in a quilt shop so all of these are very familiar to me! I never thought of reproducing them in miniature and wouldn't have known how! What fantastic work!


  5. ¡Es impresionante!!!!Que resultado tan increĆ­ble has conseguido! O = Me encanto!