Friday, November 22, 2013

Doors Hanging

The big garage doors were originally glued ajar. They popped off during the time of great upheaval. I want them to be able to open and close. The questions was: how to hinge?

Not enough room for pin hinging. Pieces already glued, so unable to use tyvek or ribbon for hinging. What would be thin enough to be nearly invisible yet crisp enough to take a knife edge fold and strong enough to withstand some flexing back and forth? How about parchment paper, the kind on hand in the kitchen?

I cut two thin strips, folded them lengthwise, and glued one half to the hinge side of each door. You're looking at the outside of the door on the left and the inside of the door on the right. When I put this together, I didn't feel like making braces for the inside, so I drew them and then used a wood burning tool to outline them before painting. The colors are closer together in real life. The table lamp faded the one on the right.

The first step was to glue one side of the fold to the edge of each door, as you see here.

After the glue was well dried, I added some masking tape to the loose edge, put on glue with a toothpick, and slid the doors into place. The masking tape is on the inside, holding them in place. When the glue dries and the masking tape is removed, we'll see how well this worked.

I thought about using tyvek, which is about the same thickness as the parchment, but I was afraid the slick plastic surface would not adhere well to the wooden doors. The Aileen's Tacky Glue that I used soaked into the parchment a bit, and I know it holds well on wood, so I think this will work just fine.

Today I ordered some grass and other landscape materials this morning. The too flat and pristine ground is bugging me almost as much as the brick-print paper on the kiln. *sigh*

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