Monday, July 22, 2013

Aging and Staging

During the profound silence here the past few days, the shingling got finished. Today I had fun installing the roof sections, aging many surfaces, and even did a little bit of staging.

The paint flew as I aged the more parts of the outside wood and chimney and the inside floors. Tedious. The roof is painted raw umber. It may get some mossy green color and texture, but I got tired of playing with the roof and moved on to the chimney. The siding got some black wash in a few places, as did the porch floor, columns and railings. I scribbled a pattern on the porch posts. They're a little shaky and need to be worked on. If you poke the photos, you can see more details -- like the "pet" on the front porch.

The skeleton/witch is too big to go inside the house. Even in death she is bigger than life. I put her on the roof. With some tweaking, I think that's where she'll stay, although she may move to the chimney side.

The black wash worked well on the white trim. You can see some of the scribbled designs on the porch posts in this picture. Gotta work on that. Messy. I have a few containers of dollhouse stuff that found its way to me but is definitely not high end and/or had no place in any of the current builds. Perfect for a haunted house! I found a couple suits of armor and a couple skeleton dinosaurs that begged to become house pets. How could I say no?

A couple of gargoyles hopped up on the roof, and a giant skull bounced into the attic and claimed the window.

The furniture is probably not where it will end up. I haven't figured out the use of the rooms yet. One of the skeletons moved in and gave approval to the rather rustic--yet upholstered in velvet--chair and sofa. The fireplaces are primed and need to be painted and aged. Not sure about the stove; don't like the stove pipe venting into the living room, but there isn't another place for it in that room. It may go. Skeletons don't need to cook, do they? There's no bed in there. Do skeletons need to sleep?

The skeleton had an operation on his knees so he can sit down. I'm going to have fun posing the rest of the gang when they figure out what they're going to be doing.


  1. now you're cooking..wait till you get to paint the furniture to match the house then you'll really have some fun :)

  2. Love it! It's really coming along and I love what you've done to the exterior. :)

  3. I love this house and how you have made it look so beautifully old. Great work!