Saturday, February 21, 2009

Creole Cottage 9: The Altar

Creating an altar for Marie Laveau's house was a bit of a challenge. I built the shelf unit of basswood and stained it dark. I put some trim with gold in it inside the bottom to add a little light. The small box is from a 1/2" scale kit. It probably has a rosary and cards in it.

The Mary and Joseph figures are "pocket saints" found on line. They're made of metal. I painted them with the aid of a magnifying glass. The pictures were all found on the internet and sized to fit. The cross on the top is a charm with the ring clipped off.
This is a very short post. My apologies. I've been busy baking and cooking for Mardi Gras all day. The house is fragrant with traces of gumbo ingredients and pralines. Tomorrow is King cake baking day.

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